This is a very special and refreshing drink to have whilst out on your journeys. We highly recommend you try it.

Serves 4
10 minutes to make


1 Tblsp Green Tea (Bullets)
5 Stems Fresh Mint (Pref Moroccan Mint)
6-7 Tsp Sugar (Pref Brown)
Fill Moroccan Teapot 1/3 boiling water.


Put in the Green Tea Bullets and a little boiling water and swish and poor away so that its not too strong and bitter.
Then add the fresh Mint and sugar and fill the Moroccan Teapot 1/3 full.
Let brew for 5 mins.
Poor the tea into glasses from height to oxygenate and then poor back into pot.
Its ready to serve.


You can get Moroccan Tea Glasses here and the Moroccan Teapot here.

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