Phil and I got married on a snowy day in February 2012 at Leez Proiry in Chelmsford, Essex. Leez Proiry’s Magnificent Tudor mansion is a lovely wedding venue and the vast grounds are great for photo opportunities on the day.

I had stayed over at the venue the night before, so Phil needed transport to the venue in the morning and he chose to arrive in George the campervan on the morning before the ceremony. He had stayed in Chelmsford and traveled through very snowy conditions to get to Leez priory, George did them proud on the day! Phil and his brother, who was his best man, enjoyed the ride and took the opportunity to have a small gin and tonic en route!
Using the campervan to get to the venue added a bit of retro fun and drew a lot of attention for the guys on their journey with the decorations and wedding ribbons. They enjoyed the leisurely pace of the ride, and were very impressed that George battled through very snowy conditions to get the Groom to the ceremony on time!

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